General FAQs & As

What is this program? What does it do?

As a fellowship program, Michigan Tech's GlobalWatershed GK-12 program partners Michigan Tech PhD students (Fellows) with middle and high school teachers to create lesson plans and activities that transfer their doctoral research on watershed science topics to teachers and students. Emphasis in lessons is placed on hands-on, inquiry-based research approaches. Ultimately, the program is intended to help teachers establish scientific research as an integral component of K-12 social and natural sciences, mathematics, and technology curricula. It is also intended to foster connections for Fellows, mentors, and teachers by partnering with national or international researchers and teachers and connecting local research with that occurring at regional and global levels.

Where does the program "operate"?

The program focuses primarily on rural schools in Michigan's western Upper Peninsula. It also partners with a K-12 school system in Sonora, Mexico. One of the goals of the program is to increase global awareness among Fellows, teachers, and middle and high school students in a rural landscape and improve their ability to communicate effectively about the effects of decisions at local, regional, or global scales. Special emphasis is placed on communication in a context that is sensitive to Native American perspectives.

How long does a Fellow's or partner-teacher's commitment to the program last?

The program awards two-year fellowships. Thus, Fellows and partner-teachers are expected to commit two academic years to working through the program together.

How is the GlobalWatershed program at Michigan Tech funded?

This program is funded for a five-year period by a grant to Michigan Technological University from the Graduate Fellows Grant Program (GK-12) of the National Science Foundation (NSF). The last set of NSF-funded cohorts (Fellows and partner-teachers) will enter the program at the beginning of the fourth year. Beginning in the fifth year, Michigan Tech will fund another cohort of Fellows and partner-teachers for four more years.

Will the lesson plans and other materials be made public?

Yes. Lesson plans, workshop materials, presentations, and other publications are posted on this website as they become available and are accessible for free by teachers and the general public. Click the options under Resources for links to materials.


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