FAQs & As for Secondary School Teachers

I'm a middle or high school teacher in the western Upper Peninsula (UP). How would this program benefit me if I became a partner-teacher?

Middle and high school teachers participating in the program and by extension, the students and schools they serve - enjoy these benefits:

  • This program is intended in engage middle and high school teachers and students in research on the scientific aspects of water issues, covering a broad range of content standards and school improvement goals, and expanding the traditional science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) curriculum already in place at these schools.
  • GK-12 fellows develop lesson plans and activities that can become a permanent part of the school curriculum.
  • Fellows act as a science resource to partner-teachers throughout their two-year school assignment.
  • Participating middle and high schools pay nothing. The program provides up to $1,000 for Fellows and partner-teachers to cover supplies, field trips, and other expenses related to carrying out lesson plans.
  • Partner-teachers are paid a $4,500 stipend per year.
  • Partner-teachers earn professional development credits.

What can partner-teachers gain by working with their Fellows?

Partner-teachers gain knowledge from the Fellows by learning the research processes and methodologies used in watershed science and using these tools in their classrooms to help demonstrate the consequences of human activities on local, regional, and global watersheds and the ecosystems within them. Fellows can also provide their partner-teachers with the necessary training to guide their own students in designing and conducting research projects in their local watersheds and to draw connections to other research projects at regional and global levels.

What is the deadline for applying and how are teachers selected?

February 15. Selection occurs in the spring and participation in the program begins that summer. Partner-teachers are selected to participate in the program by a committee composed of representatives of the school community and Michigan Tech faculty.

What happens after teachers are selected?

Once selected, partner-teachers attend a four-day summer workshop designed to prepare teachers and GK-12 Fellows for their upcoming work and to pair teachers and GK-12 Fellows with similar interests.

I'm interested in participating in this program as a partner-teacher. What do I do?

If you are an interested teacher, explore the materials provided on the How to Participate Interested Teachers page. If you are still interested, complete and submit the short application provided.


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